Monday, 1 August 2011

Objects: Bras/ Specific Graphic Design.

Graphic Design sourced from various online links, in which bras are used as a primary research or design focus- whether it be through packaging, print, interactive design, etc...

Designed by Lee Iley, he uses the iconic Victoria's Secret colour scheme and packaging to create a series of designs for the brand's line of Breast Enhancement and Styling tools.
Really chic packaging- consistent, feminine and sophisticated. Great touch having the fabric bow tie on the side- gives the design a much more personal and high-quality feel to it.

A playful poster and advertisement design created by Alicia Mickes to promote the Bra Drive to benefit Bosom Buddies Bra Recylcing, in which Clair Vintage Inspired Clothing and Union Rose Boutique support and donate good-condition used and new bras to the Portland Rescue Mission. 
Good use of a bold, eye-catching typeface in the design with playful colours- the black bra suggesting a seductive femininity- supporting the 'Portland' in a charming play-on-words.

The design above shows an Infographic Illustration, designed by Kim Bentley for Manhattan-based lingerie store owner , Selma Koch- displaying two lifelines- one of the shop owner herself, and the other display the timeline of the bra's developments and changes in fashion throughout her lifetime. An interesting design, lovely, soft, feminine colours used- looks quite Georgian in the design of the corset also. Interesting concept, clever marketing to showcase the shop owner's knowledge and experience in the industry.

Interesting briefing and design, developed by student designer Riccardo Sabitini. He was briefed to create a hypothetical design for bra manufacturer and retailer, Agent Provocateur to create portable packages for bras to protect lingerie (and so that it doesn't stretch) when inserted into luggage (for travel). The designs have been throughouly developed and well considered to create a clear, bold and sophisticated design- perhaps, however, not quite as luxurious a design as Agent Provocateur would usually have.
Great idea of matching the box exterior packaging to the colour of the bra- keeps the designs consistent as well as being instantly recognisable and easy to know which is required. A fun design.

Create infographic design guide created by William Hosier. In this fitting manual for Australian brand, Triumph, staff can be trained how to efficently fit clients and refer to the guide for current sizes, styles and fit (2008). A really great design- just enough imagery without being over-powering, sleek, informative but looks great too. Consistent branding used throughout.

*Although I found little on Bra design, I was pleased with the designs that I managed to source- each showcasing an innovative and creative design. If I were to follow through this concept of 'Why bras are good' for my final design, I would certainly be swayed into focusing on either packaging and promotion or infographic design, as these great examples have shown- perhaps pushing myself into the aforementioned areas of which I have little design experience or knowledge.

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