Saturday, 6 August 2011

Object: Bras/Advertising,

Researching Advertising and adverts for bras- inspired by the classic 'Hello Boys' Wonderbra advert that shook the world...and many men (I'm sure...)

The classic "Hello Boys" Wonderbra advertisement- which, by urban legend, caused tens of car crashes from it's billboard displays...silly men.

Haha! Great promotion for the Engineering degree at The University of Dundee- cheeky and playful fun.

Branding for the 'One Fit' bra range- good, consistent colours and informative yet feminine design and colour palette.

Again- very similar to the branding and promotion of a bra company, and designed by the same designer- David Londoño R (on the Behance network)- consistent branding and clear, crisp photographic portrays which help convey the style of Etiquetas bra in the range.

Bold simple design- perhaps would have made this a little more visually exciting, but fun tag line- simple and to the point. No fussy details necessary.

A self-promotional piece by Illustrator, Christopher King for a ficticious Burlesque show- love the colours and hand-drawn type- a retro and exotic mood. A great choice of tones and shades also.

Web design and branding work for Victoria's Secret Summer 2011 by Lukas Münch. Really consistent style with the colour palette, typeface and images used- creating a seductive and sophisticated atmosphere on the site. Easy to navigate and visually sumptuous.

BRILLIANT poster design and advertisement as a response from quality brand 'Marks and Spencer's' for the "scandal" when they made the decision to charge extra for D cup + bra sizes (it does cost extra for the material after all, I felt it was a perfectly rational decision)- though this did not go down well with the bustier communities. As way of an apology, M&S apologised for their "boob" and offered a 25% sale off all bras. Great, great ad.

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