Saturday, 13 August 2011

Places: France/Conclusion.

I've really enjoyed this week, and have felt very nostalgic looking back to my childhood and time spent in France in order to gain a fully-rounded, informative, and yet personal insight into why I think France is just so good.
Again, like my other weeks of research- I feel that I have learnt far more about France, and feel like I have benefited a great deal from this research- small details, such as business and entreprenuership in France, but also legal and historical factors- for instance, same-sex marriage is still illegal in France, that Sarkozy has been President since 2007, and that France (in 2009) had the greatest number of tourists visit the country in the world- and that the Tour de Eiffel is the most commonly visited payable tourist attraction. Small but significant nuggets of knowledge that make me feel all that little bit smarter (emphasis on the little bit...).

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