Monday, 15 August 2011

Further Research: Activity- Baking.

I have decided to persue the activity of 'BAKING' for my 'What is good?' week's research. Baking, for me, has always been a very enjoyable activity- and as I have got older, and have had to deal with more work/responsibility (particularly whilst I've been at University) I've found that baking is a great remedy for stress- and certainly helps me to relax.
Whether it be baking myself, watching baking programmes, eating food that has been baked, or even just smelling it, baking is top banana. (Though I admittedly have never eaten a banana baked).

Topics and themes I will look at are:

- The history of baking
- Baked goods
- List of bakeries/chains
- Different types and histories of baked goods
- Baking methods
- Baking programmes
- Primary/Secondary source baking photography
- Primary/Secondary questionnaires on baking

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