Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Activity: Baking/Baking programmes.

Very topical of me, yet again, last night was the first episode of 'The Great British Bake Off' (Series II) featured on the BBC 2 channel. As, naturally, a great fan of baking- I was an avid viewer, and delighted to see some fantastic (horrified to see some not-so-fantastic!) cakes made in the show:

Could be a great source of inspiration in the up-coming weeks if I decided to persue the idea of pushing forward 'baking' for my design development. (Link to the website for further details).

Another great show on the BBC is Lorraine Pascal's 'Baking made easy' in which the former model showcases her baking talents, creating recipes to inspire the audience at home- from simple sponges and breads to the more complex Parisian patisserie crafts of macaroons and meringues, etc:

Again, another source of contemporary inspiration that I could certainly return to (and there will undoubtedly be a published book which I could return to for further sources of research and more fine details): (Link to the website for further details).

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