Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Activity: Baking/Primary/Secondary source baking photography.

Researching images of popularly baked goods- sweet and savoury.
All images sourced from relevant Google image searches. Sourced linked beneath each image:


All images taken by me of cakes I have personally made. I really need to start taking more foodie pictures... and eating more, obviously (the cake at the bottom was created in the theme of 'Cinderella' for 2010 typogateaux LCA BAGD compeititon!)

Homemade meringues. I could eat them all day.

Love the composition and layout of these two images of homemade baguette- I really need to start taking more photos of my baking- there's some beautiful examples out there on the big wide web.

Yum yum yum. I had scones, clotted cream and jam at my Grandfather's wedding/blessing (he was actually married in Australia). Undoubtedly the highlight of the day...sorry Gramps.

Homemade meat pie. One for the LADS.

One of the most beautiful decorated wedding cakes I've ever seen (and again, great composition for the photography!). It seems like a lot of Georgian regal elegance has inspired it's design.

Totally cute and just up my street! This daisy wedding cake exues elegance, purity and makes a contemporary classic statement.

Again, another beautiful wedding cake example- found from the "designer" wedding cake range. Ooo-err. How posh.

Eccles cakes make the world go round. I don't trust anyone who doesn't like them. End of.

Pizza Puff pastry tarlets- SO DARN TASTY.
I've never made them in this Cinammon Roll-style shape before, they look great though- got to try this out.

My oh my! It's apple pie! YUM YUM IN MY TUM (I'm a poet and yes, I do know it).

Here, tempered chocolate has been used to provide a crisp wrap-around chocolate for these cakes. Ultra sophistication.

Homemade croissants. C'est manifique!

I LOVE the method used to bake these homemade bread buns! Flower pots- ingenious and totally cute (and not to mention delicious-looking!)

A personal favourite- LMP is hard to beat.

Possibly the world's most amazing cake concept? Why have one flavour when you could have SEVEN. Om nom nom.

The queen of hearts was a lucky woman, being abundant in tarts n' all.

LOVE this design- a recipe/menu card for macaroon specialists, Laudree- this French Renaissance style is sophisticated and beautiful. I love the colours too.

My idea of the perfect birthday treat. One day...

 *Not only am I now hungry, but I am also totally inspired. Beautiful images, my mind is a whirring.

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