Saturday, 27 August 2011

Opinions: Wes Anderson/Spoke Art.

With so many Wes Anderson fans out there, it wouldn't be long until art was created, as a celebration for the Art already made via screen. One collection I am extremely fond of, which celebrates the films is San Fransisco's 'Spoke Art' at (art gallery and publishing house), who specialise in promoting the work of new and contemporary artists, with a particular focus on illustrative work. Among their exhibitions, there is the 'Bad Dads' collection- inspired by the works of Wes Anderson. These are a few of my favourites, which can be both viewed, and purchased, online:

Because you can never have enough Bill Murray (time). HILARIOUS? Much.

The Tenenbaum household- love this- so full of detail and character.

Beautiful detail and brush strokes- love the soft colour palette too, very calming.

Simple vector illusration- good use of minimal tones and colours.

I like Kevin Tong's consistent style for his Wes series- also, love the concept of the portrait constellations- brilliant idea.

Really like this stock ratio- need to play around with my compositions and layouts more, produces an interesting and unique crop.

Great highlights throughout.

Probably my favourite from the Spoke Art archives- dark and quite graphic novel-like, wonderfully adapted concept- making the image very original and unique.

Interesting adaption of character design- makes the artist's work "his own"- unique representation, surrealist-style colours reflect the palette in the film well.

Beautiful detail of this painting of 'Rita' from 'The Darjeeling Limited'- love the textures and materials used too, produces a far more tactile appearance.

Great colours and vigenetting effect created with shadows.

*Whilst I find joy and beauty in all of these creations, Fine Art paintings, they are, for art's sake. For me, the challenge will be to represent Wes Anderson's work in a Graphic Design context- to make it have purpose and meaning. Throughout the methods of persuasion/advising/informing, I can consider my options for the path I will follow in this design brief.

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