Monday, 22 August 2011

Further Research: Opinions- Wes Anderson is the World's greatest Auteur Director.

From my entire list of 'OPINIONS' in this 'What is good?' project, I feel that the opinion:

"Wes Anderson is the World's greatest Auteur Director' is the most appropriate for my line of development. Not only is it a particular interest of mine (I LOVE films and cinema) but I feel it has the most graphic and aesthetic potential- being a visual treat, his relationship with Futura, his use of colours, etc. It may prove to be a very interesting choice.

Particular areas of interest for this category may include:

* Opinions on Wes Anderson and films (intro, here).
* Conlusion (Possible development for the entirety of the project?)
* Wes Bio.
* List of films- synopsis.
* List of actors (reaccuring feature).
* List of characters.
* List of films- reviews, reactions to films, etc.
* PRIMARY COLOURS- Reaccuring feature, document stills and photographs.
* Relationship with Futura.
* Future plans.
* Music of Wes films.
* Wes fan art- Spoke Art, etc.
* Primary/Secondary Wes questionnaires- favourite films/actors, etc?
* Screenshots from films.
* List of possible directions for design (print based).
* Cinematic awards/achievements.

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