Saturday, 27 August 2011

Opinions: Wes Anderson/Art.

More Wes- Anderson inspired art...esentially a bank of images for inspiration at the later stages of this project. Random images and ideas. Sources linked where possible.

The best scene.

LOVE the idea of creating "the style of..." for each character. Would be a fun experiement for printed media, as each of the characters fashion sense(s) are so iconic and bold.

Perhaps my favourite scene of any Wes Anderson film- so beautiful and pure...this was the moment I fell in love with Wes (oh...and his films).

A young Margot Tenenbaum- a screenshot from the film using the now iconically used "Wes" typeface, Futura bold.

More Wes-inspired film posters. Enjoying the yummy textures.

Oh's those things you do. A bit of PRON a la 'The Life Aquatic'...if I can't convince people that Wes Anderson's films are good with this image...I don't know what will.

LOVE this design- given me a lot of inspiration- simple and clean. Perhaps an idea for chapter headings/sub headings if I do indeed go on to produce a book or "film companion guide", as I am currently considering.

Got style? Wes got style (and milk).

Last night, whilst considering the design development for this project- I began to consider flow charts, and was delighted when I found this one- great way to link up the characters and give a brief over-view- helping the audience to establish character relationships perhaps a little deeper than the films would otherwise do.


Not directly Wes-related, but I loved this flow chart, produced by Studio Canal on how to make a horror film... could be a great way to introduce people to Wes' films...find what suits them best... you want a family story/fancy a trip to India? Etc.

Foxy style. Definately need to watch his films/characters in more detail to distinguish the correct colour palettes to use- Fantastic Mr. Fox itself taking inspiration from Roald Dahl's hometown, with natural, woodland colours- also reflecting the animals themselves.

Their words- not my words. Though I would, of course, find it difficult to disagree. What a fox.

One of my favourite acceptance speeches of all time- Wes Anderson, here, utilising the character he played, Weasel, in the film 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' for his acceptance speech at an awards ceremony. I love all the little flaws and human characteristics which make it so much more real. Now that's a sign of a true filmmaker. Wes, you are golden.

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