Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Activity: Baking/Conclusion.

Unfortunately, I've had to cut this week a bit short (due to a house move tomorrow [and work experience in London, eep!] I will be without the Internet until the end of the week), though I still feel pleased with the amount I have achieved in the short space of time. A love of baking and cooking, really, is embedded in me, and I feel that I could ramble on about it forever- so it is probably a good thing that I have timetabled a stop!
I would really like to continue with this project, though I fear it would be expected. I have already earnt the reputation in the class as the Julie Andrews "shelikesbakingandwantslotsofchildren" character, so it would be good to do something a little more unusual. Also, as previously mentioned in my Graphic Design image sourcing post (below), I have already studied food for my 'Speaking from Experience' project...I think it's time to try something new.

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