Saturday, 6 August 2011

Object: Bras/Illustration.

Illustrations of, or utilising bra material.
I have often found myself adoring very genteel, "English rose" styles of Illustration- a common feature being femininity and the countryside, beautiful bras often being a reacurring illustrative showcase. Here are a few quick examples of some sweet illustrations- a style I would love to replicate and expand upon if I were to take this 'object: bras' project to a further level.

LOVE the idea of Illustrating my own personal bra collection- I might just do this for fun (yeah, my social life is crazy like that...)

The BEAUTIFUL bra- an Illustration from Dior's underwear collection. This bra is regal. 
Amazing illustration- it looks almost photographic.

A sweet Illustraition from 'Little Doodles'- ahh, the multifunctional talents of bras... Love the selective colour on this...really makes the design "pop".

Embroided design by Jessica Rose Beattie- "My Little Secrets", in which she stitched "donated secrets" onto "donated bras"- a clever idea of utilising a conceal truth with a conceal garment. Not too disimilar from the sort of work I used to produce whilst at college- I'll always have a ~place in my heart~ for textiles and surface pattern design.

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