Saturday, 27 August 2011

Opinions: Wes Anderson/Possible design direction.

Depsite knowing little about the future of the 'What Is Good?' project, I do, of course know that it is a print-based module. Therefore, I am going to continue my summer readings of print-based media, to ensure that my knowledge of the subject is the best that, at this stage, it can be. I am also going to specifically search for print-based media that may be appropriate to my subject- considering books, leaflets, info graphics, illustrative guides, etc...though it is, as aforementioned, still left a little in the dark in regards to the brief.

Whilst the subject is not an obvious link to design, I would really like to expand my comfort zone- perhaps looking at complex manufacturing methods and techniques, possibly exploring typography more than I have in the past- and certainly pushing my hand-rendered illustration...something I have certainly neglected in the past.

It's certainly a really exciting time, and will keep posting updates to my print-based findings and knowledge until the time to return to University for my second year of Graphic Design.

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