Saturday, 13 August 2011

Places: France/Primary source photography.

Pictures taken in my childhood of several times spent in France- usually staying around the Southern coast, Cannes, Fréjus etc (pictures taken by my parents).

I still have the same dress sense. (L-R) Me, some girl (?), and my older sister staying at a Haven holiday camp in La Baume (Fréjus region).

Happy faces on the beach at La Baume. My sister (hole digger extrodinaire) is the epitome of elegance.

FAMILY PHOTO TIME! (L-R) Me, Mum, older brother Adam, and elder sister, Charlie.

Please note the grumpy face of my brother, Adam- it hasn't been moved for twenty years. On holiday with family in Carentoire, one of my favourite areas of France.

HAHA! Adam's face says it all- TOO.MUCH.PIZZA. One of our favourite restaurants in Cannes- where, sadly, either we got bigger every year or the pizza got smaller.

Whilst on holiday in Le Touquet in 2003, we came across 'Au Chat Bleu' the chocolatiere owner by my cousins Maria's friend. Pretty darn tasty it was too.

Pizza Pai in Calais- in an Auchan hypermarket store. So, so tasty. This could rival an Italian.

My brother and I having a good catch up with Minnie Mouse at Disneyland Paris on our first trip, I was five at the time.

Thunder Mountain- one of the few rides at Disneyland Paris I really enjoyed when I was younger (probably because I was too chicken to go on all the others).

Wild at heart. Having just come back from having my face painted at Haven's 'Tiger Club' kids camp- I had my face painted A LOT.

Being all cute and what not. Clearly in a far-too-big-for-me-hand-me-down-swimming costume. Thanks Mum. At the poolside in the holiday resort, Soleil Plage.

I told you so.

Getting some practice in for when we become famous film stars at the Cannes Film Festival- here, with Mum, brother, sister and holiday friends Angie, Daniel and Nicola, who we met at the campsite each year.

*Memorrrrriiiiies. I really want to go back to France...right now.

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