Saturday, 6 August 2011

Objects: Bras/ Conclusion.

I've discovered some really interesting points about bras, brands and other elements of the underwear industry this week that I may otherwise never of known.
For me, along with indulging my love for the garment, it has been particularly beneficial, once again (like through my camera research) discovering the history of particular brands- knowing now that two of the market leaders, La Senza and Wonderbra are both, unusually, Canada-founded, and that Agent Provocateur was founded in Britain by the son of Vivienne Westwood. I have found this research incredibly interesting, and have enjoyed learning more about the market (my love for textiles and retail/business definately gives way to the world of undergarments being a potential source of employment for the future- imagine being the in-house designer for Agent Provocateur- amazing).
Also, it has really interested me about how little design there is out there focused around these garments that are worn, every day by millions of women the world over- though many of the designs that are out there are in no doubt great, there is certainly a market out there for expansion, and this could be a really interesting field to explore and expand upon with my own design practice.

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