Saturday, 13 August 2011

Places: France/French/France specific Graphic Design.

Graphic design specifically based around, inspired by, or created in the country of France. All sources linked here are secondary.
Trying to establish a French style of Graphic Design, and inspire myself for future projects.

Poster and postcard created for 'French film fest' by Russian Graphic Designer, Kirill Gluschenko. Sweet aesthetic of typical French lifestyle- colllage technique adds interest and colour to what may have otherwise been a dull page. 

HAHA- So bad it's good. Retro cheese from Illustrative designer SHORT.

"French Pierre" the Typographic Illustration by Designer Leanda Xavian- really simple but effective style. I love the way the texture gives a screenprinted-like effect.

Beautiful French scripture style Typography printed onto a t-shirt for ultimately luxurious Typographic design, by Roel van Eekelen. 

Friendly, contemporary style rounded typeface for self-promotion of web designer Miss Beaumonde. The monochromatic palette keeps printing costs low, as well as looking sophisticated and professional. True Parisisan/Chanel-like chic.

A-Z of French professions papercut. Almost can't believe it...amazingly crafted and beautifully made. I aspire to this. Created by (very talented!) designer Anastassia Elias.

Branding created for Restaurant 'Mon Jardin Secret' by French Designer Jean-Philippe Cabaroc. Good use of rich, homely colours (wine-like?), kept to a minimal to retain a sense of professionalism.

A consistent Design for the Identity of French Graphic Novels-  good range of colours gives each it's own unique identity, but maintains the aesthetic that it is part of a collection. Bold, info graphics-like style utilised well here.

Brilliant concepts for Advertising Design for France's premier bottled water company, Evian, by California-based Designer Guy Seese. The photography (aswell as the aforementioned concepts) are visually bold and stunning- brilliant idea. Love the mermaid.

Beautifully quilled/paper-craft made menu created by Designers Zim and Zou- absolutely love the colours, warm, rich and very sophisticated with the dark grey background. Chic.

The 2nd-place winner of the Penguin cover awards, as designed by Patrycja Zywert, for the modern classic book 'Perfume: The Story of a Murderer'. A real clever Typographic design, Patrycja combines one of the key elements of the story- hair to create this elaborate French-script typeface. Very cleverly done.

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