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Places: Florists.

What job could be sweeter than that of a florist? Smelling sweet, summer flowers all day long, surrounding yourself with life and giving others gifts, and a bouquet filled with happiness and love.
For quite some time I considered a career in Floristry, and it is still something I would consider today (perhaps in later life) would be worth battling the horrific hayfever attacks for...might not have very customers by the end of it, mind.
So, here is the complication of my reasons and opinions as to why I think FLORISTS are good.


1. Flowers are such happy, joyful plants- they symbolise new life and vitality.

2. Giving the gift of flowers is simple, and sweet.

3. There is a flower for everyone- a scent, colour and style.

4. Florists are responsible for enhancing some of the most important events in a person's life- from birth, to wedding, to death.

5. Without florists, iconic scenes in the Oscar-winning film, 'American Beauty' may not have been possible. SCANDAL.

6. If it weren't for florists, there would be no wedding bouquet- and then, we wouldn't know who the next bride would be when it is thrown! (This fact is obviously's probably proven somewhere...maybe)

7. Flowers sold come at all costs- from a single red rose, to a ridiculously huge bouquet. You don't need to flash the cash to come away with a treat.

8. Many flowers and plants last for years- some for a just a few days, so you can have a long-time nurture, or a fleeting bouquet fling.

9. The smell of walking into a Florist's is like no other. Deeeelightful.

10. Buying flowers is my favourite treat. They might not last for long, but the joy you get from them is worth a few pounds, if only for a few days.

12. In my personal experience, Florist's shops are generally small, cosy places- the amount of flowers crammed into a small space is over-whelmingly beautiful and joyful.

13. Florists, in general, are usually run by ladies. Happy, happy, lovely, smiley ladies. I've never met an angry Florist yet.

14. Aswell as Florist's on the highstreet, you can also order from companies, such as Interflora, online- a quick and easy alternative, but with all the browsing and advice you could need- carefully sorted into occasion/colour/size and cost galleries.

15. Flower-arranging and Floristry is a complete craft. FLORISTS, I SALUTE YOU!

16. Florists usually also provide a variety of non-floral gifts to accompany your bouquet's- handy if you're in a bit of a rush!

17. I'd not-so-secretly quite like to be a Florist. I just enjoy making people happy, and being happy myself.

18. Even if you live in the most concrete-jungle-like-city in the world, walking into a Florist's always makes you feel like you're walking into the countryside at the start of Spring.

19. I've never been given flowers, but would absolutely love to be. Hummmph.

20. Have you ever seen an unhappy Florist? No, I didn't think so.


1. Floristry is the general term used to describe production, commerce and trade in flowers.

2. It encompasses flower care and handling, floral design or flower arranging, merchandising, and display and flower delivery.

3. Wholesale florists sell bulk flowers and related supplies to professionals in the trade.

4. Retail florists offer fresh flowers and related products and services to consumers.

5. Floristry as a term can refer to the cultivation of flowers as well as their arrangement, and to the business of selling them.

6. Much of the raw material supplied for the floristry trade comes from the cut flower industry.

7. Florist shops, along with online stores are the main flower-only outlets, but supermarkets, garden supply stores and filling stations also sell flowers.

8. Floral Design or floral arts is the art of creating flower arrangements in vases, bowls, baskets or other containers, or making bouquets and compositions from cut flowers, foliages, herbs, ornamental grasses and other plant materials.

9. Often the terms "floral design" and "floristry" are considered synonymous.

10. . Florists are people who work with flowers and plants, generally at the retail level. The term is not to be confused with floristics (the study of distribution and relationships of plant species over geographic areas.).

11. Floristry is also not to be confused with horticulture which more broadly relates to the cultivation of flowers and and plants so they will remain fresh as long as possible, and would be desirable for purchase, which also involves knowledge of customers' requirements and expectations.

12. Ability to create a variety of floral designs such as wreaths, bouquets, corsages, boutonnières/'buttonholes', permanent arrangements and other more complicated arrangements is also important.

13. The flowers sold in florist shops typically represent the varieties abundantly available in the season but also include blossoms flown in from around the world.

14. Basic varieties in temperate latitudes include roses, tulips, irises, orchids and lilies.

15. Fashion sometimes plays a role in floristry; what is considered the flower that everyone needs to have today can change very quickly.

16. Some shops also stock gift baskets, fruits, and chocolates as well as flowers, whereas some shops will purchase these things only when needed for an order.

17. Floral business is seasonal and is heavily influenced by the following holidays and events: Christmas, Valentine's Day, Administrative Professionals' Day, Mothers' Day, All Souls Day, Advent, Easter, weddings and funerals.

18. Flowers for personal enjoyment as well as those selected to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, thank-you's and get well wishes are also a significant portion of a florist's business.

19. Education, both formal and informal, is another significant segment of the floristry industry. Established floristry designers and artists impart their craft to students interested in floral design as hobby or career. Courses are generally available in through community colleges, via private post-secondary vocational schools and through professional florist trade associations.

20. The floristry business has a significant market in the corporate and social event world as flowers play a large part in the decor of special events and meetings. Centerpieces, entryways, reception tables, bridal bouquets, wedding chuppahs and stage sets and only a few examples of how flowers are used in the business and social event settings.


1. Flowers
2. Scent
3. Gifts
4. Roses
5. Lillies
6. Celebration
7. Love
8. Romance
9. Birthday
10. Funeral
11. Sadness
12. Rememberance
13. Delivery
14. Stems
15. Petals
16. Thorns
17. Fresh
18. Sweet
19. Floral
20. Mothers

(In response to the previously posted question 'Favourite flowers?' by cubalishis, via Yahoo Answers)

1. I adore Carnations and lillies, whats your choice- cubalishis, via Yahoo Answers.

2. I like carnations too.

Hubby got slated once for not buying me Red Roses for my Birthday, but they are the worse thing he could buy me as I do not like roses, and hate red- FUGAZI, via Yahoo Answers.

3. Carnations and yellow roses!- ?, via Yahoo Answers.

4. Roses- cndnchop, via Yahoo Answers.

5. Tulips- It's just me, via Yahoo Answers.

6. White roses and lillies- mishmash, via Yahoo Answers.

7. Poppies, (growing wild in a field with buttercups)- Tod Teddy, via Yahoo Answers.

8. As a cut flower I adore purple flag irises. In the garden either honeysuckle or summer pansies. The cobalt blue ones are the best- Trixie Bordello, via Yahoo Answers.

9. Lillies, iris', and orchids- Rowan, via Yahoo Answers.

10. Poppies- bitoffriedgold, via Yahoo Answers.

11. Tulips and carnations- dee, via Yahoo Answers.

12. Bird of Paradise and Gypsophila- Misha-non-penguin, via Yahoo Answers.

13. Iris and Rose:)- MaryBeth, via Yahoo Answers.

14. Gerberas, daisies and orchids!! PRETTY!! Oh and Lily of the Valley because it smells divine!! Mmmmmm...........- dot254, via Yahoo Answers.

15. Lillies- mrs.empo, via Yahoo Answers.

16. FORGET-ME-NOTS- lolly, via Yahoo Answers.

17. Anything growing in the garden...don't like cut flowers....they should all be outdoors....but I do like yellow roses and Irises- reggie, via Yahoo Answers.

18. I love yellow roses- BROWNITE 4-ever, via Yahoo Answers.

(In response to the previously posted question 'Favourite flowers??????' by Sarah, via Yahoo Answers)

19. Rose because of the smell- ROBERT, via Yahoo Answers.

20. Orchids- iPray, via Yahoo Answers.


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