Monday, 25 July 2011

Concept: Cameras/Primary Source Photography.

For a long time (five years plus?) I have really enjoyed the practice of Photography- taking the picture, editing the picture, and particularly cameras themselves. To me, cameras are intricate and spectacular items- in all shapes and sizes, the way that cameras have evolved, and the capability and technology that is stored in such a small container is quite remarkable.
Although I may be no Tim Walker, one day I certainly aspire to be.
In all pictures I either use 35mm disposable cameras, my Canon AE-1 35mm camera (with Fujifilm/Kodak film),  Olympus 35mm camera with Fujifilm or my Canon EOS 350D DLSR camera for high digitial quality.
Here are a small selection of Portraiture photographs I have taken in the past, some, frankly, need a lot of ammendment and re-edits...but I still like to look at them, as a barrier of my progression through Photography as I have been self-taught, it's a great way to look back at what I have learnt through a few short years.
All Photography work can be found on my personal Flickr account:

Some more naturalistic images- night, day, animals, objects and still life- documentary images of events and visits.

Photography is a discipline that I certainly enjoy, and would like to pursue more, along with my Graphic Design work. Expect plenty more photographs to come in the next few days of the 'Concept: Camera' research period.

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