Saturday, 30 July 2011

Concept: Cameras/Types of 35mm film.

Researching types of 35mm manufactured and the brands- the history, specifications and important details about how film is produced and other significant features.



- Banse and Grohmann GmbH (unclear what they manufacture themselves, and what is repackaged. They use the brand name Wephota)
- China Lucky Film
- Efke (including the old ADOX formulas)
- Foma (including Paterson brand)
- Forte (including Classic Pan and Bergger brands)
- Ferrania (including the Solaris brand)
- Fujifilm
- GigabitFilm (based on an Agfa microfilm)
- Ilford Photo (went bankrupt in 2004, but recognised and restarted production)
- Kodak
- Maco (as of 2005 often packaged and marketed as Rollei brand film)
- Svema
- Tasma


I thought, from a design perspective it would be really interesting to take a look at the variants of packaging (all images are ordered according to the list above, Wephota-Tasma). Although many look reasonably similar some definately stand out. Ilford and Maco are my particular favourites- very minimal, choosing a strong, bold typeface with minimal colour- a really classic style which stands out a great deal- clearly don't feel like they need to over-compensate in their design for a really simple, yet classy look. Interesting shape from Maco too- looks like a custom-made design, something a little special in comparison to the others on the shelf.

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