Saturday, 30 July 2011

Concept: Cameras/Types of Cameras.

Researching the types of camera available, what they provide and special features.

- CAMERA (The general term)
- Still Camera (A device used to take photographs, singly)
- Instant Camera (A type of camera with self-devloping film, e.g Polaroids)
- Schmidt Camera
- Wright Camera
- Digital Camera (An electronic device which is used to capture and store photographs electronically)
- Video Camera (A portable electronic device for recording video images and audio onto a storage device)
- Camcorder (A portable video camera used by consumers)
- Professional video camera (Used in commercial television production that is/is not mobile)
- Closed-circuit television camera (Used for surveillance that is usually fixed, with the exception of being able to swivel on it's axis point)
- Camera phone (A mobile phone combined with a built-in digital camera)
- Virtual camera (Used within computing and gaming)
- Range cameras (Produces images of the distrance to each point in the scene of a computer game)
- Ultrasonography (Uses ultrasonic cameras that produce images of the absorption of ultra-sonic energy)
- Magnetic resonance imaging (Often referred to as MRI which produces images in a medical format to show the internal structure of different parts of the body- eg, brain, kidneys, heart, etc.)

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