Monday, 25 July 2011

Further Research: Concepts- Cameras.

From all of my research into the field of 'concepts', I have decided to pay special focus to cameras, as I feel that this will provide both the most interest and information for me to develop upon and research specifically.
For a quick brainstorm, and guidelines of research for the next week, I have thought of particular points of research and developments I could focus upon:

* Types of Cameras
* Makes/Brands of Cameras- Research history of the brands
* 35mm cameras- the science behind
* Types of film
* Take my own photographs- general and of cameras themselves
* Talk about development process
* 3-D photography, the science behind 3-D cameras
* Generate research from surveys- people's favourite cameras, why, specific positive and negative points
* Research print-based design involving cameras
* Research camera/photography specific Graphic Design
* The History of Photography

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