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Objects: Candyfloss.

What's pink, fluffy, and uncontrollable...MY NAN'S HAIRDO! I jest, I talk, of course, of the sweet, sticky treat of candyfloss- the meal that ends up with more on your face than inside of it. I can't even describe the wonderment of candyfloss, but I will try to, now...because it's you.
So, here is the complication of my reasons and opinions as to why I think CANDYFLOSS is good.


1. It is a symbol of childhood- fun, playful, and colourful.

2. It is symbolic of trips to the circus/fairground. So, naturally, it is amazing.

3. It's one of the rare foods where no one cares if you get it all over your face when eating it. It is so fun, your messiness is readily excused.

4. If there is anyone out there who hasn't dreamt of essentially downing a bag of sugar, I bet they're telling a fib.

5. They come in a wide variety of colours- as a child, this is great fun for the whole family. Who am I kidding? I am still excited by colours.

6. It is fluffy, like clouds. Nice.

7. If you require public humility, candyfloss also commonly comes in bite-size pieces in bags, as well as the traditional stick form.

8. It's a real treat- but not for your gums. Appreciate it whilst you can, because before too long, you won't have any teeth to be eating it with.

9. Candy floss is, infact, very easy to make, with many candy floss machines available for purchase on the High Street.

10. In the style of many American foodstuffs, Candyfloss is truly iconic, and has made it's way, rightly, into many pop icon design works.

11. I'm planning on making a cinema and fairground foods wrapping paper. I don't know about you, but I'm excited.

12. Generally speaking, nowadays, candyfloss is quite inexpensive- usually around £1 per stick. A pocket money treat!

13. I was rarely allowed it as a child...therefore, it must have been good. Parents don't stop you from eating sprouts, I notice...

14. Katy Perry was covered in it for her recent 'California Girls' music video. I'm sure that this probably increased the sales of candyfloss from the male population.

15. You can be really inventive with candyfloss- making it in a wide variety of different colours and flavourings- perhaps adding strawberry, lemon or even lime flavourings to the mix?

16. Candyfloss always reminded me of the character Frenchie's pink hair in the film 'Grease'. She was always my favourite.

17. There is nothing cuter than seeing a child holding a stick of candy floss which is taller than they are.

18. Thanks to candy floss making machines, it is an ultimate "fast food" being able to be made from start to finish in a matter of minutes.

19. The intense volumes of sugar give a rush like no other.

20. It makes children quiten down for a good ten minutes (and then hyper for a good ten hours).


1. Candyfloss is made from spun sugar.

2. The servings of candyfloss often appear incredibly large, but this is merely a compinsation for the fact that it is largely composed of air.

3. Candyfloss is typical served as a snack or treat at fairgrounds and circuses.

4. Food colouring, usually pink, is adding to the sugar to alter it's natural white colouring.

5. A typical candyfloss serving, on a stick, holds around 100-115 calories.

6. A similar confection, the Persian Pashmak, is made in the same way, though flour is also added to the mixture.

7. Cotton candy was first recorded around the 1900s. At that time, spun sugar was an expensive, labor-intensive endeavor and was not generally available to the average person.

8. Machine-spun cotton candy was invented in 1897 by William Morrison and John C. Wharton and first introduced to a wide audience at the 1904 World's Fair as "Fairy Floss" with great success, selling 68,655 boxes at the then-high price of 25¢, half the cost of admission to the fair.

9. Fairy floss was renamed to "cotton candy" in the 1920s.

10. Tootsie Roll of Canada Ltd., the world's largest cotton-candy manufacturer, makes a bagged, fruit-flavored version called Fluffy Stuff.

11. The United States celebrates National Cotton Candy Day on December 7.
12. It does not have much of an aroma although the machine itself has a cooked sugar smell when in operation.

13. Because the sugar is hygroscopic, and has a very large surface area, it will become coarser, harder and generally less "glossy" once exposed to the atmosphere.

14. Typical machines used to make cotton candy include a spinning head enclosing a small "sugar reserve" bowl into which a charge of granulated, colored sugar (or separate sugar and food coloring) is poured.

15. The product is sensitive to humidity, and in humid summer locales, the process can be messy and sticky.
16. Modern innovations in Cotton Candy equipment include vending machines which automatically produce single-servings of the product, developed in the United Kingdom and in Taiwan, and lighted or glowing sticks

17.  Americans call it 'Cotton Candy', British call it 'Candy Floss', and Australians call it 'Fairy Floss'.

18. Candy floss is made from a mixture of sugar, water and corn syrup.

19. Many candy floss developments have been made since it's first manufacturing process, many recipes now including ice cream and/or bubble gum flavours.

20. The city of New Orleans claim that Josef Delarose Lascaux, a dentist, invented the Cotton Candy product and machine. 

1. Pink
2. Fluffy
3. Sugar
4. Stick
5. Childhood
6. Fairground
7. Cinema
8. Treat
9. Colourings
10. Sticky
11. Messy
12. Fun
13. Spun
14. Bags
15. Bite-Size
16. Teeth
17. Hygiene
18. Dental
19. Circus
20. Machine

(In response to the previously posted question 'Poll: Do you like candyfloss?' by blondegirly, via Yahoo Answers)

1. Who doesn't?
It's pink, fluffy and edible, doesn't that scream EPIC?-?, via Yahoo Answers.

2. I love it, but I prefer it when they sell it in a plastic bag so I can place it in my mouth in small, dignified pieces, instead of getting it all over my mush when I try eating it off a stick- Anna, via Yahoo Answers.

3. Yup, but I haven't eaten it in a long time- Ghostwriter, via Yahoo Answers.

4. Kinda funny how you floss to keep away from cavities and they give you floss with candy flavor xD
Nah, I like fresh breath flavors like spear mint :)- Angie, via Yahoo Answers.

5. I'm not sure what that is, but if it's cotton candy like another answerer said, then yes, I love it :D- Avinue, via Yahoo Answers.

6. Sugary fattening goodness!- You're an Apple, via Yahoo Answers.

7. Absolutely yes, it's so good!- Julietta Julietta!, via Yahoo Answers.

8. Yes:D... but my teeth feel minging afterwards though- ?, via Yahoo Answers.

9. Ew noo it's too sugary i hate sugar- Just Wings, via Yahoo Answers.

10. Yeah, but i hate it when it gets all sticky & stuff :S- ?, via Yahoo Answers.

11. Yeah- Daisy Louise, via Yahoo Answers.

12. Yes :D- Natalie, via Yahoo Answers.
13. Yes-I do- ?, via Yahoo Answers.

14. Fuck no- The Blunt Ugly Truth, via Yahoo Answers.

15. No- ?, via Yahoo Answers.

16. Nope- ?, via Yahoo Answers.

17. Very much so- Clare [:, via Yahoo Answers.

(In response to the previously posted question 'Do you like/love candyfloss?' by No Shoes, via Yahoo Answers)

18. I would love some, and have always wanted know why the candy goes floss like? I want one of those machines- goldenthread, via Yahoo Answers.

19. Like- Kingdiana Jones, via Yahoo Answers.

20. Yes- Peace, via Yahoo Answers.


 Sugar being spun in a candyfloss machine with pink food colouring (making the natural white colour of the sugar pink) 

 Everybody has an overjoyed face like this when eating candyfloss...it's just a fact.

 This is...the dream.

 LOVE of all these different pastel colours- very pretty together. Such a soft, child-like symbol.

Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg's recent music video for their hit 'California Girls' featured a scene where a nude Perry is frolicking in pink candyfloss clouds. If it's good enough for Mrs Russell Brand, it's good enough for me.

As a child I always dreamt of having a candyfloss making machine. As an adult, I dream of never needing to have false teeth. Still pretty tempting, mind...

Get in there, lad.

Multi-coloured candyfloss, too cute for words.

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