Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Summer Brief- What Is Good?: Research.

'GOOD' depends on your perspective, ethics, creative preferences, likes and dislikes (amongst other things). It is a matter of opinion rather than a statement of fact. You need to decide what is 'good' & design something that communicates your opinions, supports your arguement or delivers your point of view.


Identify, research, and present your opinions of what is 'good'.


Select 1 object, 1 place, 1 activity, 1 opinion AND 1 concept that you think are good

Use the summer to find out what is good about them, what makes them good, and what other people think about them. Gather a broad range of material facts, figures, images, text and opinions that will help you understand your subject matter. You should aim to become an expert on your subject matter.

Set up a blog that will record, document, and critically evaluate your findings (this should be titled 'What is Good?' and linked to your home page).

Prepare a 3-minute power point/PDF presentation that focuses on 1 of the above subjects and summarise your findings. You should aim to prove that you are right (or wrong). you need to make believers of us all as well as propose methods of informing, persuading or educating others through a range of print formats.

PROVE IT- Opinions mean nothing if they are not informed. What evidence can you gather, select and deliver in order to back up your belief that something is good. You should aim to gather, select. and deliver in order to back up your belief that something is good. You should aim to gather and categorise appropriate facts, figures, and statistics that will establish you as an expert in your subject matter. 

Radical, inventive and exhaustive research methods will help to generate/identify surprising sources of primary and secondary research. Research in order to understand. Select/categorise in order to clarify. 

Your opinions should be backed up by appropriate research into quantitative and qualitative forms of research.

All posts to your blog, relating to this brief should be 'tagged' with the module code- OUGD102


Presentations will be delivered on WEDNESDAY 21ST SEPTEMBER 2011

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