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Places: France.

Bonjour. As a child I spent a month of every year in France, soaking up the southern rays and enjoying the canoe culture of Frejus. Despite having cut my head open there, and suffering a near death-experience, I still love the place (baguette has a lot to answer for). To me, France is happiness, relaxation, and, as I have got older, sophistication and luxury. France is...the best. Au revoir.

So, here is the complication of my reasons and opinions as to why I think FRANCE is good.


1. My favourite film, Le Fabuleux Destin d' Amelie Poulain is set in Montmatre, France.

2. I spent a large chunk of my childhood there, and have very fond memories.

3. Every town and city is SO different- Brittany could be in another country compared to Nice (well, aside from the baguette, of course...)

4. The country is rife with culture and art, with an air of complete sophistication.

5. The south of France, in particularly, can be very warm and is not at all difficult to get to from the U.K.

6. You can travel to France by plane, coach, bus, ferry, euro star, channel tunnel, car (even swimming!)...there really are no excuses.
7. French is a beautiful language. It's called "the langauge of love" for a reason...and I'll grimace at anyone who argues otherwise.

8. Patiserries in Paris are the finest in the world.

9. Anyone can get away with wearing a beret in France, so it's a good place to start getting experimental with wearing hats.

10. It's okay to stink of garlic in France,'s the norm. They sure love their garlic...embrace it.

11. French hypermarkets are something to behold. In the largest stores, shop assistants (honestly) wear rollerblades to get around- it saves a heck of a lot of time.

12. Paris' key monuments (Le Tour Eiffel, Arc De Triomphe, etc) were built in such a way that they were perfectly aligned, therefore, from the skyline, Paris is one of the most visible and stunning cities by night, where everything is visible and easily navigated.

13. Coco Chanel and Jean-Paul Gaultier are French. I don't know about you, but they happen to be my all-time abosolute forever-always favourite designers.

14. The Cannes film festival is held in France- perhaps one of the chic-est events in the year.

15. St.Tropez in southeastern France is a hotspot for the rich and famous, oh, and a name of a fake tan brand...but we can let that slide.

16. French food, though not always to everyone's taste is world-reknowned. The slight grimness of escargot and frog's legs are perfectly balanced with macaroons and freshly-baked baguette.

17. France can be a very affordable holiday destination, due to it's close proximety to the UK (if originally based in the UK, as I am...of course).

18. Paris is perhaps the fashion capital of the world. Oh la la!

19. The fresh-fruit markets in the South of France are second to none, believe me.

20. Some of the world's best filmmakers and actors hail from France...Juliette Binoche, anyone?


1. The Tour de France bicycle race is held every summer for more than 100 professional cyclists at approximately 2000 miles long. The race is held in July and can last up to three weeks with the routes changing every year.

2. Landmarks in Paris including the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Pompidou Center and the Moulin Rouge have helped to make Paris one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world.

3. The Louvre is one of the largest art museums in the world, with exhibited paintings including works from French artists Monet, Cezanne and Renoir.
4. The Cathedral of Notre Dame is a beautiful church built in the early Gothic style. It is on a small island on the Seine River. The cathedral was started in the 12th century and completed in the 13th century. 

5. On July 14 Bastille Day is celebrated in France to celebrate the French Revolution (against the monarchy). It was set aside in 1880 as a French national holiday. The holiday is celebrated with speeches, firecrackers, and parades.

6. The most popular sports in France are football, rugby league and rugby union. Handball and basketball are also popular in many parts of France. 

7. French literature is very popular and well known. Charles Perrault was one of France’s most influential children’s writers. He wrote books such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Puss in Boots.

8. 54% of French people identify themselves as being Christians, while 31% of people stated that they were not religious. Islam, Buddhism and Judaism are all practised by a minority (just over 1%) of the population.

9. France has an estimated population of 64.5 million, making it the 19th largest country (in terms of population) in the world.

10. France is the most popular tourist destination in the world. Nearly 82 million people traveled to France for holidays in 2007. Spain was the second most popular tourist destination with 58.5 million visitors.

11. French people cheek kiss to greet each others between family and friends. The number of kisses varies according to the region, from 1 (e.g. in the tip of Brittany) to 4 (e.g. Paris and most of the North), and occasionally up to 5 in Corsica.

12. French people have the highest female and third highest male life expectancy in the European Union.

13. Although French language is a direct descent of Latin, French people have some of the most diversified genetic make-up in Europe, with genes inherited from the Celts, the Basques, the Romans, the Franks and the Normands, which explains the wide physical diversity in French facial traits, as well as hair and eye colours.

14. France is the third largest European country in terms of land area, after Russia and the Ukraine.

15. Many French people can speak at least one foreign language, and English is the most widely spoken at 34%.

16. The name “France” comes from “Frank”, a Germanic tribe that invaded the Western Roman Empire in the 6th century and founded the first independent kingdom covering most of today’s France.

17. France has hosted the Summer Olympic Games five times, the Winter Olympic Games three times, and the FIFA World Cup twice.

18. France has won the most Nobel Prizes for Literature of any country (13 so far) and the second highest number of Field Medals (mathematics) after the USA.

19. Famous French inventions include the hot air balloon, the airship, the parachute, the submarine, the ambulance service, photography, animation and cinema.

20. There are over 300 kinds of cheese made in France.


1. Revolution
2. Louvre
3. Eiffel Tower
4. Culture
5. Art
6. Paris
7. Patiserre
8. Seaside
9. Holidays
10. Beach
11. Childhood
12. Berets
13. Boulangerie
14. Language
15. Sophistication
16. Metro
17. Channel Tunnel
18. Carambar (The BEST sweets)
19. Gare du Nord
20. Frejus

(In reponse to the previously posted question 'Where are the best places to go in France?' as posted by anak sendu via Yahoo Answers)

1. Paris- nelly cabs, via Yahoo Answers.

2. Pairs...then go by train to Lyon, and then Annecy. Actually, France is a very beautiful country- especially the French alps- wels1ph, via Yahoo Answers.

3. Paris is the most romantic place in the world!- tutax, via Yahoo Answers.

4. Paris, obviously- Pranav Mukul, via Yahoo Answers.

(In response to the previously posted question 'Which is a good place to visit in France?' by richie, via Yahoo Answers)

5. There are so many beautiful places. I would love to live in Paris. There is so much to see and do. I also had a homestay in Tours, on the Loire river where the famous castles are. That is awesome. Arles in the south has terrific food and is where Vincent Van Gogh lived. Normandy and the D-day beaches are necessary to visit to understand WWII (make sure to go to the American cemetery and Mt. St. Michel). The French I knew loved Strasbourg. Enjoy your trip! (If you know just a little French, they are very friendly and will often switch to English in Paris, but you have to try to speak to them first.) -Laney, via Yahoo Answers.

6. I have only been to Paris, but the Sacre Cour is gives a great view as does the Eiffel tower. The Lourve is a must do, but the Musse Dorsey accross the river is fantastic. Nortre Dame is great and one can go up it as well. The stalls along the Seine are neat. Versilles is fantastic inside and out in the huge amazing gardens- bennymonkey2001, via Yahoo Answers.

7. Most of its cities are wonderful, but i guess you can first visit Paris and then one of its cities in the country side- hockey_is_sweet, via Yahoo Answers.

8. Go to LOUVRE,it's a museum,go to MOULIN ROUGE,is splendid,visit CHAMP ELISEE,go everywhere around PARIS.You will be charmed how beautiful is in France- michaela, via Yahoo Answers.

9. I lived close to Nice for seven months. If you've never been to France, I suggest you see Paris, the French Alps (e.g. Geneve, Grenoble), the Cote d'Azur (French Riviera). Plan at least 2 weeks (as for any country in Europe)- Glubsch, via Yahoo Answers.

10. Go where the Parisiens go on their holiday ;) to Normandy. It is beautiful in Spring with the appleblossom, little fishervillages, where you can see the weathered fisher men selling their catch right out of their boats. Check out Rouen, where Joan of Arc was burned on the Stake and don't forget to see the rusting crafts, shelters and canons along the coast from World War II and if you have a strong heart visit the cemetery of the Allied Forces to pay your tribute and.... afterwards drink to them with a shot of yummy Calvados-Brandy and homemade Camembert Cheese ;) The Normands are very friendly and fun. - If you like Jazz though and a cool nightlife, visit Bordeaux in the South of France. It is a young and hip city, where at night the streets get busy- Kira, via Yahoo Answers.

(In response to the previously posted question 'Where is the best place to go in France except Paris?' by erin, via Yahoo Answers)

11. Brittany- A-Z of Answers, via Yahoo Answers.

12. Nice is nice LOL- Tripwire, via Yahoo Answers.

13. Cannes- rizwano, via Yahoo Answers.

14. Go to the Champagne region in Northern France. The best food, and certainly, the best wine list at reasonable cost. in the small villages (non-tourist), English is uncommon outside the inns - even in restaurants and vineyards- StereoZ, via Yahoo Answers.

15. For sure, the French Riviera and, during winter a resort in Alpes, like Chamonix- paris, via Yahoo Answers.

16. This summer we went to the paleolithic caves in the Massif Centrale. Beautiful area and very interesting!- Goddess of Grammar, via Yahoo Answers.

17. St. Malo, Avignon, Biarritz, Nice, Cannes, Chamonix, Aix-en-Provence, Dignes, Reims, Eperney, Bourdeaux- Borat2, via Yahoo Answers.

18. Lyon is nice- dukalink6000, via Yahoo Answers.

19. I really like Southern France. No big towns though. The region around Montpellier is awesome. If you would like to go into a "proper" town, I would suggest Strasbourg. It is not typical France though. It depends on what you are looking for. Have a nice trip!!!- smashinglin, via Yahoo Answers.

20. French Riviera, Rhone, Burgundy,Bordeaux, any of the famous wine regions, Normandy, The French Alps. If you're in Paris and only have a brief stay there, the Champagne region is very close- drkstr1973, via Yahoo Answers.

Lille- one of the most "un-France" like cities, very similar to Belgium, and utterly sophisticated and beautiful- with a great canal system for tourists to sail upon.

The view of Paris from the famed Notre Dame Cathedral.

Cannes- home of the film festival, luxury and pretty immense pizzas.

My ultimate "lady crush"- if I could look like Juliette Binoche when I'm her age, I would happily sacrifice all of my internal organs.

The Champagne region in Northern France where the famous grapes for the drink are grown in vineyards.

St. Tropez- The playground for the rich, famous and fabulous.

The French Alps- another great location for ski-loving tourists.

The Euro Tunnel which transports cars and passengers under the Channel Tunnel from Dover to Calais.

The boating town of Frejus- where I spent a lot of my time as a child. Beautiful region.

A Patiserrie in Paris- filled with indulgent and ever-tempting treats.

Macaroons- one of the delicious sweet treats made in the local Parisian patiserries.

One of France's finest- the elegant and wonderful fashion designer, Coco Chanel.

The famed River Seine by night, in central Paris.
Baguette- the traditional French bread, baked fresh daily from the local boulangeries.

The famous landmark- La Tour Eiffel, designed by Frenchman Gustav Eiffel as a response to "France's Statue of Liberty".

The famous Gare Du Nord- Paris' central train station.

Our Lord, Jean-Paul Gaultier. I salute you.

The world-famous Moulin Rouge (The Red Windmill) Theatre- for courtesans and showgirls.

Bordeaux- a beautiful region in the West.
Carentoire- along with Frejus and Paris, one of my favourite towns in France- a tiny, village-like area- very peaceful and serene.

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