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Places: The Cinema.

I can't really explain why, but I have always loved films. Apart from all the obvious fantastical and magical offerings that films provide, the only thing I can really put it down to is my upbringing. With a father working days, and a mother working nights, we were often plonked infront of a good Disney film to keep us entertained whilst my mum caught up with much-needed sleep. From there, I have developed my own love for films, and in particular, the cinema- the smells, the comfort of the slightly-worn seats, the ice cream. There's some very happy moments indeed.
So, here is the complication of my reasons and opinions as to why I think THE CINEMA is good.


1. With so many seats available per screen you can bring all of your friends along without worrying that there's not going to be enough room cramped onto your sofa in your own living room.

2. Everything is prepared for you- the ultimate luxury treat. Why scoop out ice cream into a bowl when someone could do it for you?

3. You get to see the latest films- which you may have to wait another six months to rent or buy.

4. It is legal. Sure, you can access some films earlier than you would normally be able to on the market, but that is illegal- and doesn't support the British film industry, which I'm all in favour for.

5. Everything smells a bit sickly and sweet and popcorn-y.

6. Heck, if you don't enjoy the film it's one comfy seat.

7. Films can educate and inspire- they're not all smash-em'-up-action-thriller-bonazas.

8. The cinema gave inspiration to the career path I have chosen, and made me want to look further into designing for cinema/printed media for film.

9. You can enjoy a good snuggle with a loved one, and no-one be judgin'.

10. It's the perfect venue for a date- not too much talking to start if you feel a little awkward, and by the time the film is finished, you'll have a great point to start talking from.

11. Salty AND sweet popcorn? Oh, you're spoiling me.

12. Cinema=Oscars=Dishy men in suits= YES.

13. The picture quality in cinemas is stunning- it would be impossible to create the same atmosphere at home.

14. The moment where you turn around and look at everyone's expressions in a sad, poignant moment, and have a chuckle to yourself.

15. Much like the picture quality, sound at the cinema is extrodinary- it's very easy to get lost in a film.

16. It's fun clapping along or booing when a bad character dies/is evil...insta-panto.

17. At least when a sex scene comes on, you're not the only one awkwardly squirming in front of your parents with embaressment.

18. You can eat popcorn like a pig, and no one can see you do it...

19. Slurrping a drink is almost expected, slurp away my friend. Just not too loud. Thanks.
20. There's always someone with a laugh even more entertaining than the film.


1. Films are projected with a film projector onto a large projection screen at the front of the auditorium in film screenings.

2. Some cinemas are now equipped for digital cinema projection, which means that there is no need to transport a phyisal film print, but can be done so digitally.

3. In North America, the word "movie theatre" is used to replace the word "cinema"- a word which derives from the Greek language.

4. In the United States, the customary spelling for movie theatre is "theater", but the National Association of Theatre Owners uses the spelling "theatre" to refer to a movie theater.

5. Colloquial expressions for cinema include: "the silver screen", "the big screen", "the pictures" and "the flicks".

6. A "screening room" usually refers to a small facility for viewing films, often for the use of those involved in the production of motion pictures, or in large, private residences.

7. The first public exhibition of projected motion pictures in the U.S was at Koster and Bial's Music Hall on 34th Street in NYC on April 23, 1896.

8. The first permanent structure designed for screening films in the states of California was Tally's Electric Theater, completed in 1902 in L.A. Tally's theater was a storefront within a larger building, but apparently purpose-built as a movie theater.

9. In 1905, Pittsburgh movie theater owners Harry Davis and John Harris also established the first of what would become a popular form of movie theaters spread throughout the country, which were five-cent nickelodeon movies.

10. In 1906, Montreal opened one of the first movie theaters in the world.

11. In 1912, the Picture House in Clevedon, England, opened with a charity film performance to raise funds for the victims of the Titanic disaster, and has been showing films continuously ever since.

12. 3-D cinema is becoming increasingly popular with cinema visitors today. One incentive for 3-D screen is that although ticket sales decline (due to high costs), revenues from 3-D tickets grow.

13. IMAX is a system which uses film with more than ten times the frame size of a 35mm film to produce image quality far superior to conventional film. IMAX cinemas use an oversized screen as well as special projectors. Invented by a Canadian company, the first permanent IMAX cinema was at Ontario Place in Toronto, Canada.

14. At the IMAX cinema attached to the National Media Museum in Braford (Yorkshire, U.K), visitors to the museum's sixth floor can observe the IMAX projection booth via a glass rear wall, and wathc the large format films being loaded and projected.

15. In conventional low pitch viewing floors the preferred seating arrangement is to use staggered rows. While a less efficent use of floor space, this allow an improved sight line between the persons seated in the next row towards the screen.

16. Cinemas will often have booster seats for children and other short people to put on the seat, to sit high and therefore get a better view of the screen.

17. Canada was the first country in the world to have a two-screen cinema. The Elgin Theatre in Ottawa became the first venue to offer two film programmes on different screens in 1957.

18. Since the 1960s, multiple-screen cinemas have become the norm, and many existing venues have been refitted so they have multiple foyers also.

19. A drive-in movie theatre conists of an outdoor parking area with a screen (often inflatable) at one end and a projection booth at the other. 

20. The smallest purpose-built cinema is the Cabiria Cine-Cafe which measures twenty-four meters squared, and has a seating capacity of 18.


1. Popcorn
2. Ticket
3. Screen
4. Film
5. Theatre
6. Picture
7. Movie
8. Actors
9. Actresses
10. Releases
11. Ice Cream
12. Hot Dogs
13. Expense
14. Heritage
15. Family
16. Teenage
17. Horror
18. Romance
19. Comedy
20. Drama


(Resourced from the previously posted question 'Do you like going to the cinema?' by Lady Santa via Yahoo Answers)

1. Sometimes. I really like staying at home and renting movies better. I can put on my PJ's and make my own popcorn and snacks, sit in the comfort of my own home and watch movies.It's just more comfortable. :o)- PJ, via Yahoo Answers.

2. only if it's a really good movie- xenon, via Yahoo Answers.

3. Not really. too many previews and ads, no smoking, no intermission, way too expensive, bad parking. Why is it better(more expensive) the day it comes out rather than 3 weeks later? I'd rather take some wine to a friend's house and watch a new release.- John D, via Yahoo Answers.

4. No- saumitra s, via Yahoo Answers.

5. yes- mecerla, via Yahoo Answers.

6. I do enjoy going to the movies- Larasue, via Yahoo Answers.

7. yes- Ms. Nika, via Yahoo Answers.

8. I especially love going and seeing action flicks- Thunder Strike!!!, via Yahoo Answers.

9. No I don't enjoy going to movie theaters because EVERY time I go there is always some rude person being loud or some kid acting up and the seats are really uncomfortable.Besides I am afraid that I will end up getting lice or scabies. I use to work in a movie theater and I ended up getting pink eye there. I haven't been to the theater in over 10 months now. Don't get me wrong, I love movies but I prefer to watch them in the comfort of my own quiet and and illness free home- kittysoma27, via Yahoo Answers.

10. Not really...actually no. First thing I think when I sit in a theater seat "I wonder what sweaty @$$ was sitting on here before me" The second thing I think is "Whatever my shoes are sticking to is going to travel into my car." Third thing I think is "Why can't people chew with their lips closed?!" Then the movie starts and there's usually a few @$$holes who are whispering loud enough for the guy in the consessions stand to answer. Of course you have the chronic bathroom visitor who loves center row seats bumping by you. If you're lucky, it's a packed house and you fight the person next to you for the stupid arm rest! I absolutly detest people who sit next to you and say a million times through the movie "what did they say? I didn't catch that" or "Why are they doing that?" Like I saw the movie before, and have nothing better to do than to explain it to them. Then the movie ends and everyone slowly does a cattle march down the isle and out the narrow door. Oh yeah, and if the movie're out your $8.50.

When I rent movies, if I hated the movie, I get a free rent. I sit in my own clean house. Pause when I like, only have people around me who are respectful. (or kick them out!) The list is endless why renting is WAY better than the cinema- Kanakele
, via Yahoo Answers.

11. yup- ?, via Yahoo Answers.

12. i LOVE to.....but i don't- Raevan, via Yahoo Answers.

13. only if there is a good movie playing and i have the money and time to go see it especailly with a freind is always fun too- I <3 MY sweetpea, via Yahoo Answers.

14. It's okay- ?, via Yahoo Answers.

15. yes- pirate's booty, via Yahoo Answers.

16. Absolutely! I love the whole experience! the big screen can't be beat. And I always always stay till the last credit runs, The credits in the Airplane series were hysterical and most people missed all the extra hilarious humor because they were in such a hurry to leave the second the movie ended- Lola, via Yahoo Answers.

17. I do enjoy going to the movies even though they are expensive- msX, via Yahoo Answers.

18. yes, i like it very much, the popcorn, the atmosphere.... especially in the older classic theatres, and a good seat of course....-geezer51, via Yahoo Answers.

19. I can't afford the tickets anymore :(- Audi Q7, via Yahoo Answers.

20. I love the cinema. Theres something special about the setting that makes it so much better than just watching a DVD at home. Just yesterday, some of my friends and I went to watch "The Reaping" which was an awesome movie. We would've watched "Spiderman 3" but we heard it was crap compared to the first 2- Ally, via Yahoo Answers.


Hyde Park Picture House- the charming cinema in Leeds, a fan of independent and short films...something we have in common.

A small, independent cinema in Bruges which I passed whilst visiting over the Christmas holidays.

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