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Opinions: Yellow is the best colour.

When I was younger, although bought up well, home schooled by my Mum, I had trouble saying yellow, for one reason or another. L-ayo, L-ello, W-ayo, just never yellow...until I was aged around six. Yellow has always had a profound effect in my life- my hair colour, the colour of the sand and the sun of my childhood in France, and, of course, the speech impediment it caused me.
So, here is the complication of my reasons and opinions as to why I think YELLOW is the best colour.


1. Sunshine is yellow- and everyone feels better when the sun has got his hat on (hip, hip, hip, hooray!)

2. Sand is yellow. Sand= beach, beach= holiday, holiday= amazing times. Sorted.

3. Yellow is famously the "happiest" can't be unhappy when you're surrounded by yellow.

4. Sunflowers are yellow, and the sun makes you happy...but I've already mentioned that.

5. Blonde hair is the closest colour to yellow in natural colours, and we all know "gentlemen prefer blondes".

6. It's called "mellow yellow" for a reason.

7. Yellow is a primary colour. It cannot be made (when in it's purest form)...and the originals are always the best...

8. The Simpsons are yellow...and they're pretty darn popular.

9. Egg yolks are yellow...and the best bit.

10. Yellow is contained in the CMYK printing system (Y). If it wern't for yellow, printing would not consist of the system we know today.

11. The majority of liberal political parties across Europe use the colour yellow in their colour scheme. In my opinion, liberal>conservative.

12. Yellow signifies a warning, and keeps onlookers safe.

13. Bumblebees are yellow, and I hope to keep bees in later life.

14. Yellow is used in one of the world's most iconic logos- McDonalds' golden arches.

15. Bananas are yellow. Bananas are full of energy. Having energy makes you happy.

16. Yellow ribbons were traditionally worn as a sign of hope as women waited for their partners to come home from war. Today, they are still commonly used to greet loved ones home.

17. In Japan, the colour yellow represents courage.

18. Yellow connotes freshness and citrus fruits.

19. Yellow is the colour of optimism.

20. 75% of pencils in the US are painted yellow, and as a designer, pencils are a necessity.


1. The word "yellow" comes from the Old English 'geolu'/ 'geolwe'.

2. In the English language, yellow has traditionally been associated with jaundice and cowardice.

3. Yellow (or Amber) is associated with caution as it is the second light on the traffic light- meaning prepare to either stop, or start.

4. Carotenoids are organic pigments which give many biological objects, including egg yolks, autumn leaves and yellow flowers, their color.

5. Yellowtail is the common name for dozens of different fish species that have yellow tails or a yellow body.
6. Rapeseed (Brassica napus), also known as rape or oilseed rape, is a bright yellow flowering member of the family Brassicaceae (mustard or cabbage family).

7. Process yellow (also known as pigment yellow, printer's yellow or canary yellow) is one of the three colors typically used as subtractive primary colors, along with magenta and cyan.

8. The CMYK system for color printing is based on using four inks, one of which is a yellow color.

9. The first recorded use of canary yellow as a color name in English was in 1789.

10. Amongst the elements, sulfur and gold are most obviously yellow. Phosphorus, arsenic and antimony have allotropes which are yellow or whitish-yellow; Fluorine and chlorine are pale yellowish gases.

11. Yellow ochre (also known as Mars yellow, Pigment yellow 42, 43), hydrated ferric oxide (Fe2O3.H2O), is a naturally occurring pigment found in clays in many parts of the world. It is non-toxic and has been used in painting since prehistoric times.

12. Cadmium Yellow (cadmium sulfide, CdS) has been used in artists' paints since the mid-19th century. Because of its toxicity, it may nowadays be replaced by azo pigments.

13. The legendary first emperor of China was known as the Yellow Emperor or Huang Di (Chinese: 黃帝, Simplified Chinese: 黄帝). Members of the imperial family of China at that time were the only ones allowed to display the color yellow in buildings and garments.

14. "Yellow journalism" is a term that refers to sensationalist journalism that distorts, exaggerates, or exploits news to maximize profit.

15. The Beatles 1966 album Revolver features the #1 hit, "Yellow Submarine". Subsequently United Artists released an animated film in 1968 called "Yellow Submarine", based on the music of the Beatles.

16. Coldplay achieved worldwide fame with their 2000 single "Yellow".

17. Yellow was also the color of the New Party in the Republic of China (Taiwan), which supports Chinese reunification.

18. In the United Kingdom, yellow is associated with the Liberal Democrats.

19. In Canada and the United States, school buses are almost uniformly painted a yellow color (often referred to as "school bus yellow") for purposes of visibility and safety, and British bus operators such as FirstGroup plc are attempting to introduce the concept there.

20. Yellow's complimentary colour is purple.


1. Sunshine
2. Happy
3. Bright
4. Children
5. Blonde
6. Summer
7. Sand
8. Lemonade
9. Fresh
11. Vitality
12. Energy
13. Mustard
14. Lemon
15. Exuberant
16. Flowers
17. Sunflowers
18. Spring
19. Buttercups
20. Smiles

(From the previously posted 'Do you like the colour yellow?' from 'your mum' via Yahoo Answers)

1. Yes but i like sky blue better :D - peace4all, via Yahoo Answers.

2. quite honestly I cant say anything in my wardrobe is that color.I had a cardigan of a yellowish tint but all the Summer insects are attracted to Yellow and it got covered in black mites! something is quite unappealing about yellow or reminds me of custard! do you like it? i do like brown this color seems to have reinvented itself from outmoded to superchic! - Catriana Ferrari, via Yahoo Answers.

3. I most certainly do :) My favourite colour used to be yellow about a month ago, now it's green. I change often for some reason- Michael C, via Yahoo Answers.

4. yellow is my 4th favorite color- Bubbly, Beau, and Bright, via Yahoo Answers.

5. Next to pink its probably my worst least favorite color- Nudist Guy from CA, via Yahoo Answers.

6. yes, one of my favourite colors- its a bright and happy color - Beach Sunset, via Yahoo Answers.

7. I did when I was 5, but now it reminds me of pee- Twisted Society, via Yahoo Answers.

8. I did when I was younger but not anymore- Zippy Zoe, via Yahoo Answers.

9. It's alright. =) - NICK, via Yahoo Answers.

10. I got nothing against it- Kitty, via Yahoo Answers.

11. Yes.. (: - Glow, via Yahoo Answers.

12. In food yes, on clothes no- The REAL steel Dan!!!, via Yahoo Answers.

13. It can be cool- Darius, via Yahoo Answers.

14. Yes, very much- Reef, via Yahoo Answers.

15. yes not my favourite but i like i- Ally C, via Yahoo Answers.

(In response to the previously posted question 'What is your opinion about the colour yellow?' from switzerlandiscool, via Yahoo Answers)

16. I think of sun shine. I like the color yellow, it makes my day- Tericka, via Yahoo Answers.

17. I had two yellow leather couches. They looked really cool. Plus, no one else had the balls to copy me- CHEYENNE, via Yahoo Answers.

18. I like it. To me it is "mellow yellow". It puts me in a serene mood- oatie, via Yahoo Answers.

19. Yellow must be a strange color. I love it, have always loved it, especially as a color for kitchens, shirts, flowers; but I have a couple of friends who are totally opposed to it, and hate to be around it, even when it is someone elses' clothing. Strange.
I think, clean, pretty, happy and bright.
I don't have much opinion about other colors, unless they clash with their surroundings.
This is a year of celebration in Thailand, and yellow is the King's color. Millions wear yellow on Mondays and Wednesday to show respect. There seems to be even more smiles in the Land of Smile on those days- U B Happy, via Yahoo Answers.

20. I love yellow, it's my favorite color. It's a happy color and it picks up the mood when you're not feeling quite cheerful-swrong, via Yahoo Answers.

lovely, desirable yellow things
Can't tell you enough how much I want this. Also can't tell you enough how much my bank balance dissaproves.

Coolest lego sculpture ever- yellow, of course, being a major factor.

I have so much love for polo shirts...shame my womanly hips disagree. Diet starts now.

Well, I couldn't resist- just too cute. Everyone loves Pikachu. Considering experimenting with this simple style of vector deisgn- all the basics to signify the image. Not at all fussy, just right. Far more graphic-y than I have been in the past.

Amazing- in my dream world, I own this dress...and wear it every day.

Amazing skirt recently released at Whistles- so simple and elegant. Very jealous of you Keira, very jealous.

Must.own. Such a fashion/yellow fiend.


Tee Hee Hee...

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