Friday, 16 September 2011

Opinion: Wes Anderson/The Fashion of Wes Anderson film characters.

Whilst original researching for images of my Wes Anderson research, I came across many collages for the "Margot Tenenbaum look" which really caught my imagination- the idea of recreating these iconic looks for yourself, I felt, was inspired. I began searching the web for more of his character, and found some great examples...

Chas and Richie Tenenbaum- Margot's adoptive brothers. Super- cool style. Love that the Chas version has been adapted for women too.

Max Fischer's Rushmore style- again, love how this has been adapted for women, showcasing just how versatile and universally "cult" Wes' costume and characters have become.

...And my personal favourites! The looks for 'The Darjeeling Limited' and 'Fantastic Mr. Fox'... traveller chic, and a hint of the country bumpkin. Gorgeous clothes and fantastic concept. As a lover of fashion (yeah, you wouldn't tell to look at me, but one day, when I'm rich...) this has really captured my imagination. Definitely potential in this.

-All images sourced from Google Images-

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