Monday, 19 September 2011

Opinion: Wes Anderson/Survey Monkey Feedback and Questionnaire.

Gauging some really great feedback and responses in regards to a questionnaire survey I created last week- finally gathering the results to see fifteen new responses. Foolishly forgot about survey monkey programme at the start of my research- so findings and questions are a little sporadic. However, I shall keep my PPoint results the same...and use this questionnaire for further research and analysis on my blog, and for the future of the 'What is good?' print-based project. 
Questions asked included...

1. Have you seen any Wes Anderson directed films? (Please tick all that apply)

2. If yes, did you enjoy the film?
3. If no, would you be interested in seeing any of his films in the future?

4. How much do you know about Wes Anderson, and his film making history?

5. How much influence does a good soundtrack have on your film preferences?

6. What is your favourite film?

7. What is your favourite genre of film?

8. Who is your favourite actress/actor?

9. What qualities do you think make a great film?

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