Friday, 9 September 2011

Opinion: Wes Anderson/Final Infographics.

Admittedly, when I do finally get round to making my mind up, it tends to happen pretty fast. Here are the final designs for my presentation on the "evidence and science-y bit" page...the facts which support why I think Wes is good. Decided that the characters didn't really fit into the general feel of my presentation- a bit messy with the rest of the content. Plus, hadn't really developed them enough before starting, so got dissatisfied pretty quick. These designs are far more to the point, as well as being eye-catching and bold enough (but not drawing too much attention from the presentation itself).
Gathered from Polls and questionnaires (featured in previous posts) in regards to people's favourite Wes film, and whether or not they like his films in general. Filled *'s represent a yes/vote.

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