Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Opinion: Wes Anderson/Simple info-graphic-esque designs.

Brainstorming ideas how to demonstrate that Wes is good with the results I gathered today (see previous post for details). Thinking about ways which would visually, and simply communicate the feedback and results. The image below shows an idea so far- the Wes icons showing those for and against his films (24/28 yes, 4/28 no) and the other icons are characters from the six of his feature films- the filled counter's of the 'O's' showing a vote for that film as a favourite from his directed features. 

As I said, very simple for the minute- but it gets the point across. Quite like to turn the character designs into vectors, time permitting (veeeerrry busy two weeks ahead of me! eep!)- and perhaps use a thumbs up design for "like/dislike' (hearts may be a little cheesy, even by my standards)- could add a banner for names too, if I'm fussy.
Also, would probably just keep the one Wes icon- I'm just being majorly OCD and enjoying the symmetry of the images, the fussy one I am.

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